Grow Your Own Peach Tree

black boy peach seedlingWe get a heap of spring rain down here. Spring rain is fabulous for full tanks and not having to water until December, but it sucks for growing peaches. Fungus alert! Leaf curl abounds! Peaches grown from stone are better at withstanding fungus, making it a worth while exercise if you live in a high rainfall area like I do and want to grow peaches. Worthwhile also if you want to grow Grandma’s favourite peach, or reproduce a dying one, or just have a play.

You’d be smart to choose a peach from your hood. One that’s healthy and productive and perhaps leaf curl resistant like Black Boy, April White or Gordon Glory. Eat the peach, clean off the flesh, dry the stone and stash it somewhere dry and cool until you’re ready. Pot up a few to be sure of at least one success – I had three to play with.

Using a small hammer, lay the stone on it’s side and tap along the join until it cracks apart. You could use pliers. Inside is the kernel (looks like an almond). I leapt ahead at that point, skipping the refrigeration stage (not because I was in a hurry, but because I didn’t know any better) and potted mine up into a free draining mix, 50/50 sand and compost. I did this late Autumn. According to many resources, it was less than ideal. But to me, it fitted into nature’s rhythm beautifully.

Now look! Look at my beautiful Black Boy. One out of three ain’t bad.

Thanks Flo. This is dedicated to you.