Loving Winter

I’m loving this winter. These still, beautiful days. The air so clear and vital in my lungs, the light so crisp, little bits of  cheeky pretty dotting the garden, the last leaves falling in the orchard… Inspiring. Uplifting. Goodness. 2 bits of excitement Check this out – someone gave me a medal!, and I’m a […]

Today In My Garden (A Few Of My Favourites)


When Summer Doesn’t Come, Make A Plan B

To cheer myself up last week, I lit the bonfire while I gardened. It was such a gloomy day. It was mid summer, and I was gardening in jeans. The fire lifted my spirits. For those of us out west and south, this is not a normal February in the garden. Normally we’d be drowning […]

Making Your Summer Garden Brighter and Better

November is ‘hang out more in your food garden’ month. You need to take a daily walk about the estate. It’s not arduous, trust me – look how gorgeous it is! About now things really get a move on – plants, seeds, weeds, pests – good and bad – the lot. You need to be […]