Making Your Summer Garden Brighter and Better

November is ‘hang out more in your food garden’ month. You need to take a daily walk about the estate. It’s not arduous, trust me – look how gorgeous it is! About now things really get a move on – plants, seeds, weeds, pests – good and bad – the lot. You need to be […]

Getting By With a Little Help From My Friends

Today, I want to celebrate the two clever ladies who hold my hand as I dive into the mysterious world of the internet. Who make what I say and write look beautiful.  Who manage to be smart at what they do and good fun at the same time. Who I am oh so lucky to […]

Good Things Take Time

Such a mild winter, dear gardeners. My soil is 14º! Holy! She was 8 this time last year. I’m sowing beetroot outside in August for the first time ever. In part the warm soil, in part better drainage bought about by better soil, (drainage being an essential part of beetroot success). In years gone by […]

Cosy in May

I’ve always gardened barefoot. It’s not entirely practical (plenty of beestings and a major nightly scrubbing mission); nor gorgeous (read rhino-hide heels), but I can’t help it. Shoes just aren’t my favourite – until May that is. When suddenly the temperature plummets. And here it is. The cold. Socks and boots never felt so good. […]