Today In My Garden (A Few Of My Favourites)


When Summer Doesn’t Come, Make A Plan B

To cheer myself up last week, I lit the bonfire while I gardened. It was such a gloomy day. It was mid summer, and I was gardening in jeans. The fire lifted my spirits. For those of us out west and south, this is not a normal February in the garden. Normally we’d be drowning […]

Making Your Summer Garden Brighter and Better

November is ‘hang out more in your food garden’ month. You need to take a daily walk about the estate. It’s not arduous, trust me – look how gorgeous it is! About now things really get a move on – plants, seeds, weeds, pests – good and bad – the lot. You need to be […]

Getting By With a Little Help From My Friends

Today, I want to celebrate the two clever ladies who hold my hand as I dive into the mysterious world of the internet. Who make what I say and write look beautiful.  Who manage to be smart at what they do and good fun at the same time. Who I am oh so lucky to […]