I’m Coming To Christchurch, Wanaka And The Beautiful Westcoast!

So many kind offers to host the Abundant Vegie Patch workshop – wonderful people, I thank you all. Since a workshop roadie is a new thing for me, I’ve chosen but a few. Picking the ones that are far from home – to get to places that would never make it to me. Spring sees […]

The Pip Test – How To Tell When Apples Are Ready

Plums, peaches and apricots are so good (especially home grown and fresh off the tree), but the top of my list, my favourite of all – are the pips. Nashis, pears and apples – oh lala! Knowing when they are ready is a thing. First up, have an expectation of harvest date. Look it up, […]

March In The Vegie Patch

Autumn is here and once the nights start cooling off the soil will soon follow. Those cooler temps slow growth right down. May plantings will take much longer to mature than April plantings, taking longer again than March plantings. The moral of this story is to plant some winter stuff today. Getting Winter Crops growing […]

Learn Your Land (And While You Do, Go Temporary)

When we arrived here we set up temporary fencing to keep the pigs in. Those temporary fences bought us time. Time to figure out how the grazing would work in with all the other stuff and time to understand those little details that keep life simple – like big roadside gates for shifting stock etc. […]