Video: Sowing Carrots the Edible Backyard Way

In this short and sweet little video learn how to sow carrot seed.

People often find growing carrots a bit tricky, so here I am showing you my top tips for getting a great crop of carrots every time!

Use this method for all the rootcrops – beetroot, parsnip, florence fennel et all.

You’ll get to see:

  • How I prepare my bed for seed sowing
  • What moist soil actually looks like
  • Why I sow carrot seed in rows
  • My favourite carrot variety
  • How to cover and protect your seeds


  1. What a treat! You do bring a joy and sense of friendship to your gardening, Kath. The video answered a couple of my long-standing questions – thank you so much.

  2. Sarah Williams says

    Thanks Kath. I’ve spent the last year and a half not-growing carrots and have picked up a couple of tips which I hope will prove successful now. One question – in your video you say to put down slug/snail bait. Because you are a non-traditional gardener (is that the right term?!) I wondered what kind you use

    • I use Quash. A non chemical (though don’t confuse this with organic) slugbait put out by Tui. Its a mix of bran and iron. Works great. Cheap as and is in a cardboard box! There are organic baits out there but they’re very expensive for a big garden like mine, and washed out by rain which is impractical for me in my high rainfall zone.
      I don’t believe there is a slug defeating method that I haven’t tried – from beer traps (partially successful) to wooden planks and orange skins that act as hidey places (again partially successful) to crushed eggshells and all sorts of other barriers, but slugs slither over cut glass unaffected! – barriers make no difference at all.
      Another very worthwhile method I employ at this time of year when the breeding programme kicks in is to make a lime/ water slurry, don my headtorch and go out at nights picking all the blighters off my vege and tossing them into the lime. Makes a fabulous dent in the spring population.
      Spring sown carrots are the best! Hope your next crop is a boomer

      • Sarah Williams says

        thanks! Yes – I think I’ve tried all of those too but it’s so easy to lose newly sown seedlings in one night of munching. I’ll give the Quash a go