Planting Tips for Hot Days

Feb in the vegiepatchGreetings Edible Backyarders,

There’s nothing like a dip in the river on a hot day. I’m lucky to have a 2 minute walk to a swimming hole – the perfect equilibrium restorer!

Water is life and it’s just the thing for the garden right now. It’s tricky to keep the garden alive and conserve water at the same time in a dry like this. Trickier still as we sow and plant our winter garden. Raising seedlings successfully when the soil is dry and the sun beats down is no mean feat. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Use the evening for all of your planting and pricking on
  • Pre soak trays of seedlings before planting out
  • Water the soil well before and after planting
  • Mulch generously
  • Mulch moist soil only (don’t mulch if its dry)
  • Use a handful of grunty compost beneath each seedling. (All those bits of organic matter hold onto water, slowly releasing it)
  • Use older crops as nursery crops to provide shade
  • Erect simple shade houses over newly planted seedlings and leafy greens
  • Give occasional, slow soaks to established plantings; and use a sprinkler more regularly on newly sown seed and newly sprouted seedlings.
  • Keep up with your weeding – the weeds steal precious water and nutrients.

Hope your garden make’s it through!
Yours in the earth