And so the seasons turn. Yip the socks are on, the tomatoes are looking haggard and we’re getting ready for garlic planting – Autumn is well and truly here.

Two important things for you to ponder this season – shelter and drainage.  I know – boring huh, but really important. A good house needs boring old piles and plumbing, same same. Shelter and drainage are your garden’s foundations, having these two things sorted will make your food garden go off.

The recent winds are a timely reminder of where we need shelter. With tree planting season right around the corner take some time to ponder yours. It’s an evolution. It takes time to figure out exactly where all the different winds blow. I’ve got a gap in my south western line, and am puzzling out whether my existing plantings will be enough when fully grown or if I need to add some more. Autumn is the season to get it sorted. Go on, lay a strong foundation for your patch.

Yours in the earth