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A home food garden has never felt so important. It’s solid isn’t it, having spinach, carrots and broccoli just outside the backdoor… the cornerstone of our well being + a good dinner no matter what’s happening out there.

The world it seems, has finally got on our edible gardening page. It’s probably inappropriate to be stoked about this, but the truth is I am. Last month I answered a tsunami of questions – mostly from people taking up food gardening for the first time. Seeking food security in the shape of a home vegetable garden and wanting it quick-smart!

A sense of urgency is natural in times like this, I totally get it. And urgency has its place – it wakes us up and gets us going! As long as we move with grace, in steadiness with ease we’ll be sweet. We’re so blessed with our gardens to ground us … how do the others manage?! And we have each other. We’ll make it together, one compost pile at a time.

Here’s an amazing set of resources from the wonderful team at Milkwood to help you on your way.

Yours in the earth,
❤️ Kath

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