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dehydrating mint

Congratulations to Kerrianne Lancaster for winning the Food Dehydrator!

“I am always hooked into your newsletter by your use of key words that speak to me: smarten up, slow&steady, little&often”

Check out this awesome giveaway from Country Trading. A brand new, NZ made, Ezidry Food Dehydrator. Wow! One of you is going to be oh so lucky.

To win this amazing prize

Reply to this post, telling me in ONE SENTENCE (sorry to shout but I want you to get it 🙂 ) what you love best about my newsletter. Take care to type your email address correctly ok. Offer is only available to NZ subscribers.

The winner will be randomly selected and notified by email on Monday 5th November, 2018.

I Couldn’t Live Without My Dehydrator!

A dehydrator makes it easy as pie to keep my pantry stocked with many of life’s essentials like dried herbs (a nice low consistent heat to retain goodness and flavour), chilli flakes, activated seeds and nuts and dried fruits and best of all jars of dried tomatoes. Less shopping + packaging + no preservatives (its simply yuk what they soak dried fruit in and do to herbs and spices).

A week doesn’t go by that’s it not on the go – drying whatever is lush and in season (at the mo it’s mint), or giving new life to food that’s about to go off, like turning bananas into chips, or berries into fruit straps.




  1. Your newsletter is good to read as it saves the wife telling me what she has read from your newsletter too.

  2. George Connor says

    I love gentle and enthusiastic reminders of what I should be planting

  3. Carole Brungar says

    I would so love to win one of these! I borrowed a dehydrator years go and fell in love with it, but it’s one of those appliances that I just never found the money for. Thanks for the great newsletters too. I love that you’re in the Horowhenua so I wait to get them to see what you’re doing in your garden, because if you can do it/plant it. then so can I!

  4. Joss Roberts says

    I love everything about your your newsletter. It is in plain speak and not technical so I am able to understand it. You have an amazing knowledge that you share with us all and I have learnt heaps from your newsletter and refer to it all the time.

  5. jenni chong says

    I love your newsletter because it’s so informative and NOT boring

  6. Kath, your highly anticipated newsletter provides that incentivizing mix of information, uplift and call to action when I am stalling in the unknown of “what do I do next”.

  7. I am always hooked into your newsletter by your use of key words that speak to me: smarten up, slow&steady, little&often.

  8. Joss Roberts says

    I love everything about your newsletter, it is informative and very easy to understand as it it not technical. You have such a lot of knowledge that you happily share in your newsletter.

  9. As well as learning something new in every newsletter, I love the way your writing reads like I’m just having a casual conversation with you

  10. Trish and Gijs Veling says

    Thanks Kath for the opportunity to win the Ezidry Dehydrator.

    We always love receiving your informative newsletter which is so full of helpful tips,information and photos of the garden. We also love the recipes and articles which cover such a wide range of topics. We are also happy to have your pruning book alongside us when we are doing our pruning – it’s so easy to follow. Our certified organic garden which is based on permaculture design and supported with biodynamic preparations and the gifts from Edible Backyard continues to bless us with all its bounty. So thank you for being part of our journey in so many ways.

  11. John Wilkinson says

    It is that multitude of your good ideas that draw me to your newsletter.

  12. Joss Roberts says

    I love everything about your newsletter. It is so informative and in normal everyday language not technical at all, very easy to understand. You have a massive amount of knowledge that you are happy to share with everyone.

  13. I just love your newsletter because it is so inspirational!

  14. I have only recently subsrcibed and find the posts so informative, doable and inspiring!

  15. I’ve just received the first of your newsletters and I think it’s great! Good sensible advice and a timely reminder not to go overboard with the excitable spring planting 😊

  16. I love your newsletter because it will keep me in contact with others who love gardening and learn new things.. A dehydrator will help immensely.

  17. I love your wit, your humour, your practical knowledge and the simplicity of your newsletter, which all culminates into an upbeat little email, popping in my inbox – yay!

  18. Nicki Crowley says

    Your newsletter is inspiring, informative, fun & gets me in the groove to keep my garden fabulous & fruitful.

  19. John Stevenson says

    I’ve managed to get back into loving my time in the garden by following advice that is clear, step by step and to be honest, mostly good common-sense stuff that I somehow managed to lose touch with over the decades.

  20. Bronwyn Ward says

    I really like that it is NZ based, from a part of the country that doesn’t have all the growing advantages (!), it isn’t trying to sell me anything, and provides easy to understand and apply advice on topics i need to know about as well as introducing me to topics I didn’t know i needed to know about!

  21. Rebecca Viale says

    I love how your newsletters are packed with relevant info that matches my situation for example last months was about fungus on fruit trees which I was battling myself!

  22. Elizabeth Bedford says

    Lovely photos, simple straighforward reminders and information about getting on with enjoying the garden!

  23. Cathy van Tilborg says

    Love to learn about growing vegetables and a healthy soil

  24. I learn so much each month about making growing veges simple and organic.

  25. Damaris Morgan says

    I love the down to earth 😉 easy to follow advice, so inspiring! Thankyou

  26. susanne hardy says

    I am new to the newsletter and just from this issue I can tell it is going to be a great help for my own edible garden with all of the cool content, and my favorite this time is the Orange Cake!

  27. It’s so on to it right at the time I’m doing the same stuff.

  28. My first newsletter and loving it…best bit, humour to really get the point across..Planting a puny two leaf seedling in the garden is like kicking your 4 year old out of home – too vulnerable! LOL I really do expect too much from the little guys sometimes.

  29. Shirlene Johnston says

    Kath’s Newsletter brings a skilled and remarkably easy to understand approach to
    gardening that I’m able to use with ease and success!

  30. Sharon Lark says

    What I love best about Kaths posts is the easy bite size chunks of information she serves!

  31. Love that it’s New Zealand focused information – being from Europe all my books are the wrong way round (seasonally speaking) 😛

  32. I love that you give a range of advice on Crops, pests and techniques that suits everyone.

  33. Katrina Sampson says

    I love your newsletter because it’s so practical and has nice photos too.

  34. I like your Newsletter very much. Not having a lot of time It’s quick and easy to read. And when I find something interesting and relevant I pass the Newsletter on to my daughter. Great stuff, keep up the good work.
    PS I like your tip about growing the edge, we have a berry garden covered in, and have grown alpine strawberries around “the edge”!

  35. I love the way your writing conveys so much info in such a non-overwhelming way. I had a lovely friend (who has sadly passed away) with so much gardening knowledge and shared it freely. She knew those tricks that save you lots of work and effort – just like you do!

  36. Wenderella says

    I love your newsletter because it covers a wide variety of really useful information from soil to plate.

  37. Maren Domke says

    Your newsletter is full of tips and tricks and always a timely reminder of what I need to do that month 🙂

  38. It’s good sound practical advice and tips that not only teach new tricks but help us saves few dollars and produce great home grown food .

  39. Patricia Carpenter says

    Newsletter is, of course, informative -making edible gardens seasonal, doable, fun, logical, beautiful, healthy, yummy, and almost easy!

  40. Judy Chappell says

    You use real language as if you’re speaking to us, not fancy-schmancy gardening lingo!

  41. Sophia Moon says

    Hi Kath, brand new to your newsletter, signed up yesterday, but I valued your tips on succession planting which is such a daunting task to get my head around – going to have to jot those down in my calendar

  42. I have followed you on facebook but have only just found out about your newsletter. I loved reading it and will now look forward to it every month. 😊

  43. Sophie Lovell says

    Relevant, seasonal and realistic, lovely to share and learn from your successes… or otherwise!

  44. Diana Gabric says

    Your column is awesome. Packed with information at the relevant time of the year, and in a nice, chatty approachable style. Love the recipes too.

  45. Sally Eggleton says

    Hi Kath, I love that your newsletter makes it all seem doable and realistic.

  46. Bobby Forbes says

    I love how down to earth (excuse the pun) your newsletter is, it’s so easy for a total novice like myself

  47. Caroline Crick says

    I’d love to win a dehydrator to give to My son and his partner, who are just getting going with vegetable gardening and preserving. They both love tramping so they often use my dehydrator when they come to stay. I know they would make fantastic use of this prize. What I especially love about your newsletters is the way that they are so timely and designed for the New Zealand seasons. I’m off now to plant some more summer salads.

  48. I love the honesty of this newsltter, because it means I’ll get maximum payback in the garden for the limited time I have available.

  49. Trish Knight says

    I love that your newsletters are so PRACTICAL and that you live locally so it’s all relatable!!

  50. Love learning more about how to grow things to supply food right throughout the year.

  51. You give incredible information and resources and are kind to naturally non green fingered people like myself

  52. This is my first newsletter- looking forward to reading!

  53. I love getting your newsletter because I FORGET what I’m doing next and you remind me, nicely.

  54. Gemma McDougall says

    I love the newsletter because you give me motivation and so much helpful information

  55. Dianne Suisted says

    Hi Kath
    What I love most about your fabulous newsletter is that it is a cherished constant in my life, always arriving on the first of each month, like a good and faithful friend, to nurture and inspire me.

  56. Hi Hi Kath
    When I read your newsletter, I feel like I’m sitting at your table having a cuppa, chatting and then wandering around discussing this and that about relevant info about the month, the challenges, the pleasures. I feel happy, capable and keen as mustard to garden, garden, garden! 🙂

  57. Dianne Saville says

    Hi Kath, Love your newsletters, and thoughly enjoyed one of your workshops held in Auckland. Always checking your website for inspiration and reminders on what to plant and do for the month.. Thank you

  58. I love the beautiful images in your newsletters! 😉

  59. It’s the first of the month so I listen for the ping, your email has arrived that will help my garden sing. What to do, where to start, plants I should be sowing. Thank you Kath for showing an alternative to mowing!

  60. Dianne Suisted says

    Hi Kath
    What I love best about your fabulous newsletter is that it is a constant in my life arriving on the first day of each month like a good and faithful friend, to nurture and inspire me.
    Di x

  61. John Foggo says

    It reminds me that every month, every season I learn, and learn…!

  62. Daina Gloyn says

    I love that your garden style is so accessible and down to earth – it’s about productivity and not just about things looking good.

  63. Denise Giles says

    I find your newsletter so inspiring and get really motivated for my weekends in the garden, a great way to escape from the busy lives we have.

  64. Hi Kath
    I am always delighted 😊 when your email arrives.

    Great practical and very doable advice and the latest
    Illustrates this! Just what we need, spelt out in simple terms!

    I love your work, and thank you.

    Thanks also for the opportunity to participate
    in this giveaway offer.

  65. Hi Kath,
    Just subscribed to the newsletter, however if its anything like your facebook page I will be thrilled.
    Little reminders of what I should be getting to in the garden and hopefully one day will get to one of your workshops … I muddle along but would love more direction.
    Then will work on my almanac for bees and backyard work/maintenance.

  66. Matthew Whiting says

    Kia ora, I’ve only just been introduced to your email newsletter by a friend whose dehydrator I’ve been borrowing regularly 🙂 It’s great! I’ve just been reading through getting all inspired. Lots of fantastic local info pertinent to my local Wellington growing conditions. Cheers! Matt

  67. Jo Bendall says

    I love the vege garden section and pass it on to my husband who does the work!

  68. Love the common sense, humour and practical kiwi advice coming straight to my inbox.

  69. Annika Korsten says

    Comprehensive, covering all of NZ and not evidence proofed with so much information to trial what works for your situation.

  70. I have gardened for 50 years and as I read your newsletter every month, I always learn some new ideas in an informative, fun way, be it for in the garden, for cooking or for shopping.

  71. Kushla Mercer says

    Well, despite having just signed up 😉 I have been perusing for a while, & here’s what I love: Your sassy, down to earth (!!) ways. You speak my language Kath, & that makes this gardening bizz so much more approachable for me 😊*

  72. I really enjoy receiving your garden newsletter, it gets me inspired and gives me new ideas on what I can do in my garden!

  73. I love constantly learning something new and relevant for my new garden just up the road from you!

  74. Adrian Clark says

    I love the inspiration and encouragement I gain from reading your newsletter to get outside and keep planting/pruning/harvesting/picking.

  75. Stacey Woollaston says

    I have just signed up and I liked the last newsletter because it was giving useful sowing information for a sustainable harvest.

  76. Florence Clark says

    I love the depth of your knowledge and passion that is LOCAL TO ME!

  77. Sue Walker says

    The information and advice is easy to follow and gets great results

  78. Tracey Youngman says

    Kath, I love that you tell me month by month what I should be sowing, planting and working on in your newsletters…….got to keep up with it 🙂

  79. Ruth Mckenzie says

    Lots of practical and no-nonsense advice from a similar microclimate.

  80. Gavin Hall says

    I love “in the vege patch”

  81. Sara Baird says

    Love your relevant words of wisdom that come at the perfect time (I.e when I’m thinking about what I need to do in my garden). Thank you

  82. I absolutely love your monthly to dos in the garden, they help keep me on track.

  83. I have learned so much and appreciate your generous heart as you share your knowledge with us all in this region. Thank you Kath!

  84. Maria Penny says

    Kath’s newsletter give inspirational motivation to go with the flow of gardening and timely advice to grow in a relaxed manner and making it all possible to grow great vegetables and fruit.

  85. Janice Kew says

    Your new lettters , in a cheerful encouraging tone, assist me to be on time and structured with my gardening.

  86. Ciska Penlington says

    This newsletter helps remember what I am supposed to be doing in my garden to make it a success