August Vegies, Prune Citrus, Copper Sprays + Herbal Leys

It’s such an exciting time to be an edible gardener in New Zealand! More and more of us are regenerating our lands and backyards – both farmers, market gardeners + home gardeners (that’s you and me!) alike. Its so thrilling to be at this junction and watch the old ways of tilling and artificial amendments evolve away. Not because they are bad or wrong, but because in the context of the whole – they simply don’t add up.

Let’s be gentle on our past and acknowledge its role in showing us what doesn’t work and move into this wondrous era with enthusiasm. The humble mushroom and her networks are leading us there, holding the space for us all to flourish from. I’ve been gardening long enough to have evolved from fungi being feared and sprayed to oblivion, to seeing it as the great connector, the very epicentre of life on earth.

Never stop asking why, my friends. And in that questioning, listen respectfully to each other. Soften your edges in humbleness, ready to shift position if you are so called. And if not, find the courage to let no one person over shadow your innate wisdom. We’re all evolving. Let’s give each other grace – it’s our differences makes us strong! Diversity is where we thrive. As always our gardens teach us the truth of life.

A curious, loving + open mind paves the way for all life’s riches.

Stay inspired. We’re on a roll!

Yours in the earth,
❤️ Kath


  1. DAVID KEPES says

    Okay Kath,
    you have got me; after reading your book I have had an epiphany and decided to stop mowing my orchard. So, what is the process? I already have comfrey growing under the trees but am wondering how I go about establishing the other perennials that you list.
    Much appreciated
    David Kepes

    • Love to hear of your garden evolution David. The simplest way is to create no dig zones with cardboard first then deep mulch. Go around the comfrey or if its fully established then tack onto to where ever it finishes. Leave the mulch a while to rot away a bit then make pockets in it to house new plants. As the mulch rots further, you’ll be able to sow seeds as well – like mustard, phacelia or crimson clover. Tick away at creating these.
      The mulch will build fungal life which will alter the existing groundcovers. The self seeders you add will start to pop up in the grass – things like borage, mexican marigold, clovers…. its such a fun transformation. Start with the mulch.

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