Boozy Plums

boozy plumsEvery year we put down some boozy fruits – vanilla brandy apricots, raspberry gin, peach rosemary vodka, damson gin, pears in cider, spiced plum brandy…  best fun preserving!

  • Sterilise your jars and lids.
  • Let the jars cool to warm.
  • Halve and stone the fruit or if not freestone then simply prick the fruit all over. The bonus of halving them is fitting more in the jar.
  • Pack the fruit into the warm jars.
  • Add enough sugar or runny honey (melt it gently if solid) to come about 1/4 of the way up the jar plus any herbs or spices you wish (cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods, star anise, orange rind…) This may sounds like alot of sweetener, but remember the fruit is taking up most of this space. Honey is really nice with brandy or rum. I prefer sugar with white syrups.
  • Top with booze of your choice and screw the lid on.

Keep the jar in a cool dark place and give it a shake every other day until the sugar is dissolved. Top up the booze if need be – its important the fruits are covered.

Store for at least 3 months before using, and let the party begin! The fruity booze is lovely to sip after dinner or dilute with bubbly water for sunny sunday afternoons. The fruits make awesome puddings. Go simple adding a few fruits on top of custard or icecream, add a kick to fruit salad, set into a jelly, whizz into a granita… let your imagination go 🙂




  1. Why do you add sugar to these, could you just add the fruit to the booze without it?

  2. 😜 cheers!