Workshop: Summer into Autumn


This workshop is all about getting in the groove of moving with the seasons, to take you ever closer to year-round cropping and keep building your confidence and know-how!

In order to grow a year-round supply of vegetables – food gardeners need to think ahead. So here we are at the end of summer planning ahead to Autumn with an eye on Winter as well. Come along and see my Autumn garden preps and all the things I’m doing to keep a steady flow of kai to our table.

Sowing brassicas becomes an important mission from now for our Autumn table – we’ll look at how to sow, prep + grow bodacious brassicas all without cabbage whites running interference!

Intercropping is a groovy way to jam more crops in and encourage a broader range of soil life – check out my favourite combo’s and how you can create more cropping and less downtime in your vegie patch.

We’ll chat how to manage shield bugs + all their sucking mates.

I’ll show you a simple way to start a new bed, ready for action late Autumn – take advantage of the hot sun.

Sat 22 Feb 2020, 9:30am–12:30am
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