Workshop: Get your vegie patch ready set to grow!

feb in the vegie garden

Lets start your vegie patch off on the right foot, or clear up difficulties that are holding your vegie patch back from greatness. Simple, natural and low cost – you’ll learn all my winning ways.

This workshop is especially for those of you dipping your toes into vegetable gardening for the first time and need a leg up. Also for those of you who aren’t having a good time in the vegie patch – perhaps the harvests are poor or the workload too high – come along and be inspired! Whether your garden is big or small the exact same principals apply.

Autumn is a brilliant time to get new vegie beds rolling. Get prepared now so you are ready set to plant and grow this spring.

I’ll show you how to smarten up your set up with clever layout that saves you time, effort and money.

You’ll learn which companion plants to grow for bees and beneficial insects and how to use them to supply your own mulch and I’ll take the guess work out of feeding and looking after your soil.

We’ll make compost, recycle food scraps and I’ll teach you how to use greencrops.

You’ll go home with a plan and full of confidence!

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  1. Hi Kath, would love to come to this workshop but am away that weekend. If you plan to do another one at a different time I’ll be in 🙂 Many thanks