Woolly underwear and a smile will get you through winter

get your gears on!Ahh – winter at last! I love having a cold nose and a warm body, but alas I feel alone in my love of this special season. Are there any other lovers of winter out there?

On a cloudy, showery day last week I stood at the lights waiting to cross. The people waiting with me were frowning and grumbling – they were mad; and it seems listening in, it was all because of the weather. Good grief I wondered, does this mean four months of sorrow for Levin?

And looking around you know I wasn’t surprised these folks were upset – I could clearly see the problem, and a practical solution is at hand. Something easy, that when addressed will have you all content on cold, showery days. You’ve forgotten how to dress properly, that’s all it is. As long as one’s body is lovely and warm – what’s to be mad about?

Merino undergarments are the secret and good socks too. A jersey or jacket that cuts the wind and makes the rain slide off. Most importantly get your mum to knit you a beanie, NZ wool to keep you cosy and dry. You may as well not wear a hat if you’re going to put on a flimsy acrylic thing. When I grew up we learnt these things, and a good lid really does keep all the heat in. If a woolly hat and redbands aren’t your scene, then there is a whole industry of high fashion outdoor wear just for you. Yes, these days you can be warm and look groovy at the same time.

Now go on, channel your inner farmer, get your gears on and head outside. A daily burst of movin’ about in some crisp wintery air is delicious.

And I expect to see you properly dressed next time I’m at the crossing! (Perhaps even smiling.)

Wishing you happy winter days
Yours in the earth,