Winter’s Mellow Vibe

Winter GardenGreetings food gardeners,

I love the winter garden for its mellow vibe, so gentle on my spirits. August is the last of the mellow, the calm before the storm.

Create some time to gather and prepare. Getting ready gets your head in the right space, which always helps, don’t you agree? Next month we’ll be amongst it, getting our groove on for another 9 months of food production and preserving. (Although lets not worry about that, let’s be in August!)

  • Check in on your compost piles, toss and flip them to get a heap of air through and if they smell musty give them a bucket or two of liquid feed and toss some rotten manure through – you’re going to need compost next month!
  • Do you know what crops are going where?
  • Chop your greencrops down (or in, depending on your style) on the beds that will be planted in September.
  • Gather all the useful stuff you need to make your food garden hum; like garden tie, greencrop seed, and a handsome stash of manure and/or seaweed – it’s like money in the bank.

Yours in the earth