Winter Missions, Winter Greens and Pruning Tips

frosty morning

Welcome to winter! Nourishing, cosy times ahead… I love it! Theres something about being all rugged up and waterproofed and braving the elements. Its a winning combo – a burst of fresh air and movement, followed by a well earned hot cuppa and warm up by the fire.

As the vegie patch slows down, we turn our attention to our fruit trees. I’ve got plenty of ideas for what needs doing in this newsletter, and joy of joys – pruning looms. Ever popular, all but one of my pruning workshops is sold out. The only spaces remaining are on my Wairarapa one. See here.

Keep an eye on your local paper – there are often pruning workshops about – local councils, tree croppers and lifestyle farmers to name a few. No matter how experienced you are, its always good to go along and pick up new ideas, or even to share yours.

Yours in the earth, Kath