Which Tree Goes Where?

pohutukawaA tree seedling is an innocent thing, like a babe in arms – so full of promise, so deliciously wee. It’s years before you see it’s potential, before you can revel in the glory that is a well-chosen tree in a well chosen spot. The wrong tree in the wrong place … let’s just say I want to spare you this.

To Choose Well

Understand your landscape. A tree, indeed any plant, will only grow to its full potential if it likes where it’s planted. Make note of the soil (sandy, clay, wet, dry), the wind (cold, salty, strong), the frost and the sun/ shade. Be sure your chosen tree approves.

Know why. Privacy, shelter, fruit, stock fodder, firewood, summer shade… Will your wish be granted?

Ponder the space. Note the height and width available and choose a tree that fits. Prune it to fit? If you want to add another job/ expense to your life – then go ahead.

Visualise your tree fully grown and look about for future trouble.

  • Power lines and neighbours should be high on your list of considerations.
  • With trees comes shade – be sure the shade will work for you.
  • How about the light and the view – will either be blocked?
  • Be wary of pipes and sewerage lines – roots are water seeking.

I know it’s hard for you to be with the truth of a tree’s grown size, but be you must. There are already too many trees squashed in beside houses, sheds, fences and each other. Solutions (removal or annual pruning) are expensive.

My Best Advice

Choose your tree first and then go shopping!