Video Consults are here!

I have a cool new offering – help via video! I think you’re going to like it as much as I do.

A video consult is for all those questions which are too long for me to answer for free over email, but not long enough to warrant me driving to your garden for a garden consult.

Anna and I have been working away at the setup, and I’ve done a few on the down low to test the waters – I’m feeling good. Confident enough to offer it to you officially. Edible Backyard video consults – open for business 🙂

Video Consults

A video consult is a short, snappy problem solve for minor issues in your edible garden.

It’s amazing the things you can sort via video! I’ve pruned new fruit trees, refined a veggie garden design, set up a greenhouse, clipped chicken wings, treated chooks for mites, advised on rootstocks and varieties for a small orchard and treated fungal disease in apricots – all this over the phone! No driving! Are we champions for the environment or what.

I make notes while we talk, and send them to you after our chat.

Evening Sun Sunflowers

3 Easy Steps

1. Join Zoom

I use Zoom for all my video consults. It’s the same as Skype, only better. So first thing for you to do is to sign up to the free option of Zoom. Do it here.

2. Book In

Wednesday is the day I do video consults. Book in using the calendar. Include a short note with your booking letting me know what you need help with.

When your booking is confirmed, I’ll send you a link to our Zoom video consult. Simply click on the link at our arranged day/ time and consult a go.

You will receive an email reminder the day before our meet, and a text message 2 hours before.

3. Be Ready

Device fully charged. Sound, check. Camera, check. Know how to flip your screen to show me your garden. Practice makes perfect 🙂

Price – $59.00

Hey Kath, Thank you so much! You answered all the questions that I had and I’m not overwhelmed with too much info. I really appreciate your help, it’s just spot on. Thanks”– Ruth

Wish we’d done the video consult sooner. It gave us a clear direction and confidence to move forward. We were really happy with it. — Deb and Paul Mander