Tomato Onion Pie


This here is one of my all time favourite summer dinner recipes. Add a salad and a baked potato or some fresh fish or a good sausie. Mmmmm, life is good.

prepping tomatoes and onions for pie

Tomato Onion Pie Ingredients

2 finely sliced onions
6 or so good sized, very ripe, thick sliced tomatoes
50g cubed butter
a good handful of grated cheese
3 slices of stale bread (or lightly toasted fresh bread)
2T roughly chopped parsley
2T roughly chopped sage

Tomato Onion Pie Recipe

Butter an ovenproof dish and layer as follows:
half the onions
sprinkle of pepper
half the tomatoes
sprinkle salt
dot with a third of the butter
sprinkle half of the cheese
Repeat the layers, then press down firmly on top, cohesing it all together.

tomato onion pie ready for the oven

Whizz up the bread and herbs into crumbs in your food processor (or go nuts with a knife) and spread the crumb on top. Dot with the last bit of butter and a few grinds of pepper.

Bake at 170° (or 150° fan) for an hour. Don’t rush with the cooking – you want the onions and tomatoes cooked well until they are gooey as and the top is golden, buttery and crunchy.