Time Out

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I am shutting up shop for the next few months. Those of you booked in for consults, workshops and tours have by now received the news. Thank you all for your understanding.

We are blessed here in NZ with a small window to act based on what China and Italy have learned the hard way.

Because we have never experienced anything like this, we can easily brush Covid 19 off as a bad flu or not a big deal.

Here’s the thing – it is a deal. We have the science. We know. And the people for whom it is a big deal are the immune-compromised – the elderly, the diabetics, those with autoimmune conditions, the cancer patients … we must safeguard them. And the best way we do this is to limit our social interactions.

Those of us who are strong and resilient will weather the virus, this is all about those who will not and about saving our health system for them. If we join together and slow the virus we’ll help keep our hospitals free so the vulnerable receive the best care when they need it.

This is a time to put ourselves aside and be informed, calm and wise. To tautoko our great leader Jacinda Ardern and her forward-thinking and courageous decision to protect our country. I am deeply grateful to her.

No doubt about it, there are challenges to face – finance is my immediate worry, but with a calm head and creative thinking there are ways and means. Better to go hard this month in order to steady the coming months.

We have an opportunity here, a small window where important choices are to be made. I call on your community spirit, your love for your whanau, your courage and wisdom – what can you do to step up to the plate?

Yours in the earth,

Kath xx


  1. Thanks Kath & wishing you and yours all the best in the next wee while. Those of us that can could give some koha for your amazing newsletter…it’s definitely my go-to in terms of monthly gardening advice. I just wish I had been following it lately!!! 😉

    • Hey thanks Nicky! Can’t be doing everything all of the time though aye, perhaps this month you’ll be able to spend a good chunk of time in the garden 🙂

  2. Love your stance – and love your website! It’s been a great inspiration to me as a young mum starting up our own gardens over the last few years. Because of your helpful info, my little family had fresh food all summer, plantings for winter, and produce still coming to tide us through these tough times ahead. I’m sure this is the case for many of your readers. You’ve been awesome. 🙂 Enjoy the time to unwind and reconnect with the earth, and go easy on yourself!

  3. Kath, beautifully said. And YOU have helped many of us be prepared to take care of ourselves and this earth. Namaste.

  4. So wonderfully said Kath! Love your non-anxious presence amidst this anxious cultural moment. All the best as you weather the economic impacts.