The Game is up!

pumpkin harvestThe pumpkins are harvested and the kumara is dug. The risk of frost damage (looks like Jack is on his way) has won out over a bit more ripening on the vine. The pumpkins will cure for another 3 weeks on wooden racks out of the direct sun, on my deck. Kumara is a bit trickier – needing warmth (and humidity if you can create it) to heal the scrapes and bumps of harvesting. This is important if you have a few boxes to store because broken skin = entry point for bacteria = decay.

A warm, airy, dark spot is what they need (but this can be tricky to find). Houses are no longer built with curing and storage in mind!

Both the  greenhouse and a cloche get too hot during the day and too cold at night, 25 degrees day and night is what we are looking for. The best I can do is on the deck. It’s concrete floor is a nice heat sink, and plastic sides that roll down create a not too hot hot house. I lay the kumara gently on wire racks and cover with newspaper for a week or two.