The first Espalier prune of the season


fist lateral pruneThis afternoon I pruned the lateral shoots on my Nashi Espalier. This quick prune keeps things fruitful and promotes fresh shoots, the very same cost were I to leave them to go wild. Cause fruit is whats its all about right…  and a tightly controlled ship. I admit it.

laterals coming off

Go along each branch and reduce long upward shoots back to 2 or 3 buds. How simple is that.

lateral off

Keep up with this job over the summer. With seceteurs in pocket you’re ready to head back any long shoots as you see them.

Clusters of shoots needs to be thinned out ok. You want about 20cm between each shoot. Completely remove the puny and inward heading ones. A cluster can be a result of big cuts the year before. Changes how you prune knowing this, aye.

remove suckers

Lay the healthy prunings at the base of the tree (burn the diseased ones ok), and while you’re down there notice if there are any suckers coming away from the rootstock and prune those off too.


spring prune done

Job tidy. Beer o’clock.