Thank you + a cool change

First of all a big thank you!

To all of you who regularly buy me a coffee – I send a big hug. ❤️ You help me pay for the newsletter send-out, you keep this newsletter going! Thank you.

Time for a cool change

apple blossom

The time has come my gardening friends for me to stop answering all your email questions. (Questions at the end of blog posts are most welcome – it ensures the blog has the crystal clear info I’m aiming for ).

I’ve been your faithful helper all these years, but the time has come to cut the apron strings and send the kids (that’s you) out into the world.

chook workers

I’m not leaving you bereft! You’ve got my website – that amazing tome of free info. All you need do is type your wish into the search bar and have a look around.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for then google has good stuff and libraries are awesome.

Failing all that my video consults are a cool way to get help. Here’s a few from last month:

  • How do I prune my young trees?
  • I need help to make my vegie patch work better – I can’t keep up with it!
  • I want to run my greenhouse organically but I’m feeling confused by all the info I’m reading – please help.
into the garden

I’ve loved helping you out, but I need to slow down a bit. I’m not leaving! I’m still here for you with my newsletter and website and consults and workshops – heaps of help! I’m just being a little less available in order to be gentle on myself.

Yours in the earth and a slower pace, ❤️ Kath


  1. Helen Hancox says

    Kia kaha Kath. Grateful for your help and I find searching the blogs do pick up the answers to my questions.. Gentle on yourself is a great way to be because being is the way to go rather than doing.