Taking your soil’s temperature


Soil ThermometerOh joy, the greenhouse soil has hit 15 degrees. This means she’s ready to germinate beans (there’ll be green beans for christmas!) For such a cheap and simple tool a soil thermometer makes a major difference. In order to sprout, seeds all have a sweet spot for a particular degree of warmth. For example beans need a minimum of 15 degrees. There is no point in sowing them before this moment, they wont rise up and feed you.

There are other soil temperature clues like when the runners start sprouting, or phacelia starts popping up, or self seeder tomatoes start arriving; but I like to be really sure by taking my soils temperature.

It feels like magic watching seeds unfurl, but the truth is it’s a rather calculated affair. Bring together healthy seeds, adequate moisture, good drainage and the right temperature – et voila, you got seedlings.