Take a Walk on the Wildside

chicory herbal ley

I’m hoping this month to encourage you to explore your wild side. To stop ironing out your backyards, and instead to let them go. This is our orchard. Thigh high in grass and herbs. “Looking a bit unruly out there” is often said, and yes it is! Unruly, beautiful, vibrant, alive!

Soil life flourishes in spray free, wild areas such as these. This diverse community of minature life forms keep soil in good heart and is the well-spring of everyone’s (crops, animals, humans) good health. Beneficial soil organisms gather beneath your trees and in your wild  (undisturbed) areas and spread from there – secretly sneaking into the lands beyond your fence. A quiet revolution takes place when you loosen your grip.

The day has come my gardening friends for us to shake our styles up, to question old ideas and look to new ways (which, in a funny turn of events, are old ways). New year is the perfect time to pick one new thing to lessen your impact. Go next level! Grow your own mulch, grow all your greens, stop spraying – whatever floats your boat, and do it this year with all your heart. Who better to rekindle the earth, than we the gardeners.

Gentle, kind ways will get us there. Start with a walk on the wild-side.

Yours in the earth


  1. Thanks Kath – you’re a great inspiration for this fledgling gardener, especially in the areas of pursuing natural and vibrant ecosystems. Our place is an old and thoroughly abused sheep yard area, and every weed under the sun grows and flourishes. It’s been so tempting to wield some chemical warfare and / or weedmat against those weeds! But we’ve stuck to natural, and yes – our lawn is a paddock, our property is still the road’s eyesore and it’s a bit hectic! But we’re getting there. A weedeater is helping us to make our own mulch, tame some areas and make loads of compost. We’ve been eating our veges in some measure for 4 years, and bits and pieces of fruit. A couple of babies along the way, and we’re not doing tooooo badly with our goal to tame this place and make it a bountiful family property. When I get a bit down about not having “more” done, or not being neat enough, I come here and always leave massively enthused to keep going and do what I can! So, thank you very much – you’re awesome!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Cool one. Its hard in a house and garden world to not feel the pressure of so called perfection. So happy to provide some options for you here and a bit more enjoy it and relax with nature. Enjoy 🙂