Mulled Tamarillos

A beautiful pudding. As delicious as it is gorgeous. 500ml of red wine; or 1cup wine and 1cup water 200g brown sugar 2 cinnamon sticks 3 whole cloves 3 whole star anise 1 orange zested 1 lemon zested 10 firm but ripe tamarillos Put everything except the fruit into a wide pot and gently bring […]

Of Citrus, Tamarillos and Feijoas

Spare your citrus and subtropicals a thought as they valiantly try to produce young fruits in this baking heat. They need water. Possibly desperately. The best way is a slow hose at their feet until the soil is nice and moist. Flowering and fruit development are crucial times in a fruit trees life. If they […]

October in the Orchard

The plums are having babies. Tiny, wee new fruits, so precious! Keep an eye on how they develop. Thinning time will soon be upon us. Are your peaches or plums showing signs of leaf curl? It’s really too late to do anything, but do support them through this stressful time with regular foliar sprays of […]

May in the Orchard

Citrus all need a layer of homemade compost, a top up of mulch and monthly liquid feeding while they are in production mode. Make sure they have some extra shelter if they are young. Mine are still babies, so this winter I’ve made little walls from the strawbale festival seating to cut our cold south […]