Delicious dried apples

Our own dried apples are a family favourite. The ones you see here are Captain Kidd’s. If you gave my kids a dried apple from the supermarket they’d be horrified (tasteless, white, rubbery things) These are something special. Fruit with bird pecks, no stalks or bruises wont store, so need to be eaten right away […]

Sundried apricots

Last year we had 2 apricots. While this years pickings were still on the light side (about 5kg) it’s enough to call a harvest. At 5 years old our Fitzroy Apricot is still a young ‘un; so it’ll improve each passing year. Eating fresh picked apricots, still warm from the sun is simply heavenly. And […]

Dried Pears and Apple Sauce

Easy, delicious and useful – these words are my guardian angels when choosing how to best preserve my harvest. There are many enticing sounding recipes out there and it’s easy to get seduced into fancy complicated preserves which don’t ever get used. The simplest preserving is storing the fruit/ vegetable whole; and the next is […]