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Dear Gardeners, As you gear up for your spring and summer planting here’s a phrase I’m chucking out for you to ponder – relay intercropping. Its like companion planting on steroids and will take the health of your vegie patch next level. In a nutshell, it’s plant combos of different root depths and nutrient needs […]

Easy Peasy Crop Rotation

One of my favourite winter jobs is planning my crop rotation (garden nerd alert!) Working out how much of each crop we need, and when and where it all gets planted to ensure a daily harvest year round while looking after my soil. Excitement for crop planning took a while to dawn. For many years […]

3 Ways To Banging Soil

Team soil. Here it is. Soil Life Create the right environment (plant roots, air, organic matter, moisture) and soil life will come in droves. This diverse group of hard working organisms are the key to keeping our soils strong and well – they convert minerals, filter water, capture carbon and break down toxins. Living soils […]