Pears with Cream Cheese & Ginger

Nothing brings me more delight than the first ripe pear. Like any love affair it’s high on enthusiasm in the beginning, waning out to a lack of gratitude and all round being taking for granted by the 12th kilo. A bit of jazzing up is required and this yummy idea from Gillian Painter is an […]

Dried Pears and Apple Sauce

Easy, delicious and useful – these words are my guardian angels when choosing how to best preserve my harvest. There are many enticing sounding recipes out there and it’s easy to get seduced into fancy complicated preserves which don’t ever get used. The simplest preserving is storing the fruit/ vegetable whole; and the next is […]

March in the Orchard

The orchard is emptying out as the apples and pears get picked and stored. I’m enjoying taking the pressure off the trees in this heat. We’re picking Cox’, Captain Kidd, Doyenne du Comice, Triumph du Vienna and Clergeau. Our greywater systems broke down in December (and is still a work in progress) so no water […]

Here come the pears!

Here are the 3 varieties of pears I am picking – Doyenne du Comice, Triumph du Vienna and Clergeau. Don’t let them ripen on the tree (apart from Seckle!) as they’ll go mushy by the core and get that gritty texture. Feel them like you do an avocado – slight give at the neck and […]