Better Than Pea Straw

Once you get your mulch eyes on you’ll see that you are surrounded by mulch – any crop that’s reached the dry stalk stage is straw… not just peas! Though pea straw is awesome, its not the gold plated, $22 a bale awesome the shops think it is. My garden is full of straw right […]

Make a No Dig, Perennial Garden

Densley planted perennials make the easiest care, best looking gardens of all. Herbs, picking flowers, nectar/ pollen rich flowers for bees and beneficials, fruit, natives – you name it!, jam them all in together for a garden that beats out weeds, flowers year round and provides food and medicine. Beautiful and useful – my kinda […]

December In The Vegie Patch

A daily stroll is your secret garden weapon this December. Catching problems when they’re small makes for simple solutions = a peaceful easy life.  Pinching little laterals off your tomatoes and peppers leaves tiny wounds that heal in a flash and prevent viruses and bacteria getting in. Squashing little groups of aphids or a few […]