3 Ways To A Living Mulch

Living mulch (covering the soil with plants), is I’m beginning to believe, the most nourishing mulch of all. It makes perfect sense to me, as this is how mother nature does it and all my garden journeys loop back to her. Think prairie, meadow, forest – self sustaining “gardens” that need no care, no fertiliser, […]

Resist Labour Day Tomatoes, Sow a Living Mulch Instead!

Game on! It’s the great summer-crop wait out. Are you feeling strong enough to resist planting tomatoes? Can you hold off on planting pumpkin and courgette seedlings another week or so? Last nights low was 6 degrees and my soil is only 14 degrees! Far too chill for these heat lovers … I’ve got a […]

The Genius of Living Mulch

Soil that’s undercover, hums with life. In this cool, moist environment mineral exchange and immunity are high. Whether mulch is inert – hay, straw, woodchip or living – or a living cover of plants, doesn’t matter. I use a mixture … either way works. Though living mulch has a few trumps – diversity and all […]