July in the Orchard

Planting fruit trees is a pleasure – it’s those visions of cellared apples, of bottled pears and fresh apricots that make it so. How to tie a fruit tree Please stake your new trees well. Remove that flimsy bamboo stake and the green tape that holds it there (these are not intended to be permanent). […]

Herbs for the Digestive System

Winter solstice greetings, With our desire to eat heavier foods with the colder weather we can experience digestive discomfort and sometimes more serious complications. There have been a few gastric bugs recently also, which has inspired me to write about some useful gastric herbs. Koromiko (Hebe stricta) is a great herb to relieve that uncomfortable […]

And in the Chookyard…How to do the right thing

I finally killed Honey on Wednesday. It had been on my job list for 3 weeks. Killing your chickens takes courage because it’s horrid, but it’s part of being a chook mother. She was old. She spent a lot of time alone. Her eggs were rare and when they did come they were soft shelled. […]