April In The Vegie Patch

Keep January-planted bean, zucchini, tomato and cucumber crops jogging along with a daily harvest. Don’t let energy get wasted on the big old bean at the bottom! Though growth is slowing right down and quality of fruits perhaps as well, its worth it to squeeze more crops out of them. At least until the next […]

Grow Yourself a Daily Winter Harvest

Achieving a daily harvest year round, takes years of practice. I remember the first year I grew all my own carrots. Pride. And the year of the onion, that was solid. Potatoes have been a recent achievement, but that’s only because all the teenage mouths have left the building. Year of the broccoli – so […]

My Top 3 Winter Greens + How to Grow Them

Eating a daily dose of fresh, picked greens through winter is my recipe for wellness. And wellness is my winter wish for everyone. Thing is, you need to get planting this weekend in order to have greens to eat once the cold strikes. Here’s my 3 top winter greens, and how to plant them. 1. […]

A Bed Fit for Broccoli

For fabulous big broccoli heads, put a bit of effort into preparing your beds. They’re hungry and need a beauitful, wormy, humus rich soil. This bed was in Broadbeans (a nitrogen fixer before a brassica is always a smart move), they got the chop (roots left in) and hauled to the side, ready to be […]