Grow Yourself a Daily Winter Harvest

Achieving a daily harvest year round, takes years of practice. I remember the first year I grew all my own carrots. Pride. And the year of the onion, that was solid. Potatoes have been a recent achievement, but that’s only because all the teenage mouths have left the building. Year of the broccoli – so […]

April In The Vegie Patch

Keep January planted beans, zucchini, tomatoes and cucumbers crops jogging along with a daily harvest – don’t let energy get wasted on the big old bean at the bottom! A daily harvest keeps fresh flowers coming on. Trimming off old leaves also does wonders. Get new crops going at their feet. Whip out any crops […]

My Top 3 Winter Greens + How to Grow Them

Eating a daily dose of fresh, picked greens through winter is my recipe for wellness. And wellness is my wish for everyone – especially this winter when being hale + hearty is more important then ever. Thing is, you need to get planting this weekend in order to have greens to eat once the cold […]

A Bed Fit for Broccoli

For fabulous big broccoli heads, put a bit of effort into preparing your beds. They’re hungry and need a beauitful, wormy, humus rich soil. This bed was in Broadbeans (a nitrogen fixer before a brassica is always a smart move), they got the chop (roots left in) and hauled to the side, ready to be […]