Better Than Pea Straw

Once you get your mulch eyes on you’ll see that you are surrounded by mulch – any crop that’s reached the dry stalk stage is straw… not just peas! Though pea straw is awesome, its not the gold plated, $22 a bale awesome the shops think it is. My garden is full of straw right […]

OM is Your Guardian Angel

There is nothing more resilient than having a stash of rotten organic matter (OM) to hand, at all times -to feed your garden, prepare new beds, mulch and make seed raising mix when ever you need, without shopping. Home grown and gathered, your OM will be far superior to anything you buy. Its your secret […]

Resist Labour Day Tomatoes, Sow a Living Mulch Instead!

Game on! It’s the great summer-crop wait out. Are you feeling strong enough to resist planting tomatoes? Can you hold off on planting pumpkin and courgette seedlings another week or so? Last nights low was 6 degrees and my soil is only 14 degrees! Far too chill for these heat lovers … I’ve got a […]

Don’t Mow – Let It Grow!

Once the kids have gone and cricket games are no longer, you may wish to pause and ponder the usefulness of your lawn. If no compelling reason other than tidiness comes to mind, let me suggest you plant it up or let it go. Either way you’re adding to your homegrown mulch stash, improving the […]