Consults Are Back!

You’ve been so patient while you waited for me to finish my book – and here I am – happy as a clam to be out from the computer and ready to help you set up a brilliant food garden, or trouble shoot an existing one – whatever you need. I’m no longer travelling to […]

I’m Coming to Wellington for Consults!

A consult is a 90minute visit from me, at your place, to iron out the crinkles in your food garden. It’s for those of you who need help planning a new garden, or those of you struggling to make an existing one work. You’ll get sent a pre consult questionaire to get you focused and […]

Wellington Organic Garden Consults Available May 24-25

I’m coming to Wellington to give Consults on the 24th and 25th May. There’s 2 spots left: Friday 24th 9.30 – 11, and Saturday 25th 9.30 – 11.00. My consults are for those of you who need help designing your edible patch and getting it up and running; or for those of who for whom […]