How To Bird Net Your Fruit Trees

There is only one sure way to keep the birds off your fruit – and that’s to bird net.

SOLD OUT How To Prune Fruit Trees: Wellington

A workshop to boost your pruning confidence. Good pruning = good fruiting! Compact and productive fruit trees can happen  Though the best (and simplest) time to start is when trees are young – wild and woolly trees can be tamed too. We’ll begin the day at Dave and Raewyns (454 Takapu Rd, Tawa) with all the […]

How To Plant And Prune New Fruit Tree’s

Shelter trees, deciduous fruit trees and feijoas a go!, it’s time to get planting. Apart from citrus and subtropicals that is. It makes no sense to put their heat loving feet into freezing ground. If you live somewhere frost free and mild (eg: the winter-less north) then do it, for the rest of us, its […]

How To Grow Avocado

Growing a good supply of avocado’s for the team has long been my dream because we eat loads of them. Its taken me 10 years, but we’ve done it – and a steady supply of beautiful buttery avocados from September through May is ours. Is Your Garden Suitable? Warm, super sheltered, and free draining are […]