Growing Carbon

Not the most pretty photo I agree, but to the food gardener this is a gorgeous supply of carbon, a beautiful bounty of mulch… These are my cornstalks. How do you deal with big chunky bits of of garden waste? Make ’em smaller of course! Chop them into 20cm chunks with your loppers and spread […]

March in the Vegie Garden

Extremes of weather really test our food growing systems. As you know, I’m always looking at how I can make my garden more robust, and therefore able to cope in extreme seasons such as this dry summer. Two things are key – preparation and variety. I haven’t been watering my squash or corn, and the […]

Sweet heirloom, sweet corn

Had a great discussion about corn at the Autumn in the Vegie Patch workshop – someone had grown heritage corn but didn’t like it – preferred the sweetness of F1 honey and pearl. To me F1 sweetcorn is like junk food from the garden, like pacific rose apples – bred for 20th century humans – […]