September in the Chookyard

The chickens are in egg laying overdrive and are currently having a fat old time weeding my hazelnuts and finding bugs galore among the natives. A mobile home surrounded by Electranet means I can move the chickens to a new home easily. They do a job for me (weeding and feeding and bug hunting) and […]

August in the Chookyard

Chooks that had an autumn moult will be back on the lay and needing good protein in their food. Pellets are a complete food, but if like me you are trying to get away from the pellets then what do you do for protein? My chooks get fed sprouted grains, raw milk/ yoghurt and a […]

And in the Chookyard…How to do the right thing

I finally killed Honey on Wednesday. It had been on my job list for 3 weeks. Killing your chickens takes courage because it’s horrid, but it’s part of being a chook mother. She was old. She spent a lot of time alone. Her eggs were rare and when they did come they were soft shelled. […]

Easy Weeding

Weeding is my least favourite job in the garden. I put a lot of energy into creating a vegie garden with very little weeding – grass free zone so there is only one big edge round the outside, sawdust paths, mulch, and intensive planting all contribute. Then when there is a bed that needs clearing […]