A Bed Fit for Broccoli

Today I got my first Broccoli bed ready. From seed to harvest it’s about 4 months, so for late Autumn eating seed sowing time is nigh. For fabulous heads, get your bed ready when you sow the seed. This bed was in Broadbeans (a nitrogen fixer before a brassica is always a smart move), they […]

Autumn in the Organic Vegie Patch – SOLD OUT!

Come for an Autumn garden tour! We’ll be talkin’ autumn garden clean up, compost making and getting your garden beds through the winter. How to grow beautiful brassicas with big curds, garlic, crunchy celery and winter saladings.

Reader Question: Broccoli Flowers

Questions are so good because it gets to the root of exactly what you need to know. Am sharing this one cause its so useful. Hi Kath, I love getting your monthly newsletter and you have been an inspiration in my attempts to “grow my own veges”! But, oh, my broccoli heads are slowly beginning […]