Sweet heirloom, sweet corn

homegrown sweetcorn

Had a great discussion about corn at the Autumn in the Vegie Patch workshop – someone had grown heritage corn but didn’t like it – preferred the sweetness of F1 honey and pearl. To me F1 sweetcorn is like junk food from the garden, like pacific rose apples – bred for 20th century humans – uber sweet! So here’s something for all of you with major sweet tooths, who feel like to give up on heritage corn. Sweet varieties are Sweet Treasure Corn and Early Gem.

How to grow heritage corn

Build a lovely big compost pile in spring, right where you want to plant your corn – use lots of poo. Turn it and love it then at the beginning of summer direct sow your seed at 45cm spaces in a group for good pollination. Keep it lovely and moist and well mulched. This way it will grow fast so will be sweeter (never gonna be as sweet as honey and pearl though). When its ready put the pot on, THEN pick the corn, cook it right away. Butter salt eat. No complain!