Spring Consults, Fruitful Tips + Fungus Alert!

potager poppies at Edible BackyardConsults are back! I’ve had my break and recovered my mojo. I’m here for you Manawatu, Horowhenua, Kapiti and when it suits Wellington. Though I love you Wellington – you were my beginning after all, you don’t need me. Good, local permaculturists abound – check out Linea from Edible Oasis. As for Hawke’s Bay, it was a mad idea adding you to my list (so far away!), especially when you’ve got the amazing Jo Duff from Kahikatea Farm to sort your gardens out. I’d love to hear from a Permaculture designer in the Wairarapa and save myself all the driving!

I’m trying to operate at a more sustainable speed, second gear perhaps?! And to that end I’m not holding any workshops or open days this spring/ summer. We’re keeping the gates shut, cos I may or may not be working on my next book 😉.

Yours in the earth