Spring Beauties

Tui in PaniculataThe wild burst of colour from the Paniculata out front of our place has cheered the landscape considerably (and totally impressed the tuis). There is so much beauty to be had in the garden in spring.

I visit a lot of gardens and many people think they want an entirely edible landscape, or an entirely native one. Personally I like a bit of everything. I love the restful energy of our natives and the wonderful habitat they provide. Edibles are a lot of work, but essential if you believe in the value of fresh picked food as I do – though I don’t want to grow more than we can eat (that’s just work down the tubes!) As for exotics, well I’m not a purist at all (more of a lush really), I love exotics! Where else can you get fragrance, glorious autumn drama and much needed beauty at the end of winter.

I hope your spring garden brings you joy!

Yours in the earth