Slow and Steady November

november harvest

Little and often plantings bring a little and often harvest. So useful for keeping bellies full in the most nourishing of ways. And nicely doable for the gardener.

The benefits stretch out to the kitchen where little and often preserving (as opposed to massive autumn missions), makes for a great variety of pickles and a quick easy job.

Spring advertising inspires a rush of blood to the head that ends up with one big plant out =  gaps in the harvest and bulk everything.

To get in the groove of a trickle-feed to the kitchen you need to share your packs of seedlings with mates or get into sowing from seed.

Once a month until January plant one zucchini, cucumber, tomato and a row of dwarf beans. Sow a new row of corn and sunflowers a fortnight until December. Sow salads every month without fail, and every other month a new row of beetroot and basil. Create a planting plan around what you love to eat and of course what your climate dictates.

Slow and steady, my garden friends, turns your vegie patch into your vegie shop 🙂

Yours in the earth

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