Slow + Steady November

november harvest

Little and often plantings bring a little and often harvest. So useful for keeping bellies full in the most nourishing of ways. And nicely doable for the gardener.

The benefits stretch out to the kitchen where little and often brings a regular little harvest in for dinner. Don’t try and achieve basket loads and rows and rows – you only need a few spuds, a bunch of leafy greens and maybe a few broccoli shoots for example, for tea. 

Spring advertising inspires a rush of blood to the head that ends up with one big plant out =  gaps in the harvest and bulk everything.

To get in the groove of a trickle-feed to the kitchen, share your packs of seedlings with mates or get into sowing from seed.

Once a month until January plant one or two zucchini, cucumber, tomato and/or basil and a row of dwarf beans. Sow a new lot of corn and sunflowers each fortnight until December.

Sow rocket or coriander every month without fail if these are important to you, and every other month a new row of beetroot and/or saladings. These 4 do so well tucked beneath longer term, bigger crops especially if it gets hot and dry at yours. Tucking different crops up together might look a little chaotic but it brings so many benefits. Pests become confused, disease doesn’t romp through, you can fit heaps more in and it makes gardening lots more fun. Plants, like humans, perform so much better mixed up and shoulder to shoulder. Diversity brings richness and strength. Every. Single. Time. 

Slow and steady, my garden friends and all is well. All manner of things shall be well.   

Yours in the earth,
❤️ Kath


  1. Hi Kath,

    I’ve got a smallish townhouse garden and have a boysenberry bush that’s about 4 years old. The kids love the berries and I want to keep the bush but at this time of the year it starts getting big and scraggly. Can I prune / trim the new big long shoots off now, as they come along? Or is that not a good idea? I basically want to achieve getting the most fruit off it without it getting too big and crowing out the grass and clothesline!!

    Appreciate your words if wisdom here!!

    Thanks, Holly

    • Yes – I hear ya! A few options Holly – set up a topw wire that you can wind the shoots along or bend the long shootss over to create an arch shape and tie the tips back to the top wire of your frame or prune the ends back to the top of your frame. K x

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