September in the Chookyard

Chooks in ElectranetThe chickens are in egg laying overdrive and are currently having a fat old time weeding my hazelnuts and finding bugs galore among the natives. A mobile home surrounded by Electranet means I can move the chickens to a new home easily. They do a job for me (weeding and feeding and bug hunting) and I provide them with fresh ground and bugs. Win win. I love my Electranet!

Every spring I like to mix up a general chook tonic to prevent worms and keep them in tip top knick (bit like the green spring clean for humans and the oil change for cars) My chooks go nuts over this strange brew. Those of you who’ve been to the chook workshop know this to be true.

The following recipe is for one chook – times it out and do the whole flock.

Put 2/3rds cup of oats and 1T molasses into a bowl and pour over enough boiling water to make a sloppy mix. Leave to stand for 2 hours. Then add:

1 teaspoon NZ seaweed meal (optional, but oh so good)

1 crushed garlic clove

1T cider vinegar

1 finely chopped comfrey leaf