Save Your Seedlings From The Birds

eggplant seedlingI know its spring when divots appear in my vegie patch, and mulch is flung all over. Starlings and Blackbirds are in heaven here with plenty of nest making goodness and a bounty of worms for dinner. It’s important work keeping them at bay, otherwise seeds and seedlings don’t stand a chance. Birdnet is your best bet (my garden looks like it’s getting married), but it’s not always practical.

When stakes/ trellises are involved it becomes complicated to drape birdnet, so instead I save the day with a combination of birdsticks (small sticks pushed in the ground around the seedling) and bulky, stalky, un-bird-friendly mulch. Here are my eggplants surrounded by celery flavoured mulch. My peppers are similarly surrounded by parsley. Both crops grow up strings in the greenhouse making netting tricky, so I’m diverting chunky crop residue from the compost to a more important calling – saving my seedlings from the birds.