Rolling with the punches

CressStuff happens. Everyday. Stuff that wasn’t part of ‘The Plan’ comes along. Sometimes it’s nature waving her wand, and sometimes it’s us and our busy lives. As a gardener (indeed as a human) it’s better to roll with the punches.

A 2 week absence from gardening (a long time for me, and taking me over the “sow some seed a week and never go hungry” threshold) has its up side. By time I get a spare day I’m almost desperate to get into it. The garden has of course carried on nicely, and I find a heap of useful seedlings filling my paths – a variety of greens, greencrops and companion flowers await (this is my kind of plant shop).

There is one sacrifice my absence has incurred (and I kick myself – it’s a big one), the last lot of cabbages missed their Dipel spray and have been munched back hard by cabbage whites. Alas, I will have to buy cabbages to fuel my sauerkraut addicition. I pull the hammered ones out, leaving the slightly less hammered ones in. They’ll be small (tiny even), but they’re mine! I fill the gaps between with self seeded treasures – cress (pictured), miners lettuce and perpetual spinach (I don’t want to waste any of that hard earned soil fertility) It’ll be a different kind of dinner, but it’s homegrown and still dinner.


  1. Love this article. Love your writing.

  2. Andrea says:

    Yes I was a bit slack with putting the netting up this year, and the net I did put up wasn’t fine enough – I had a lovely pile of caterpillars on a good portion of my brassicas, especially the kale. I might just have to find some dipel (haven’t used it before) for next time! I think of your photo often, with the eggplant. I planted my first aubergine this year, and have got four off it – one monster, and three smaller ones. I am pretty chuffed!

    • Hurrah for homegrown eggplants!

      Get yourself some kiwi care caterpillar killer (available at hardware stores/ garden centres) Active ingredient baccillus thurengensis. Deadly to caterpillars. Fine in an organic situation. An edible gardeners best friend!