Natural, Simple Ways to Keep Your Soil in Good Heart

Keeping soil in good heart is tough when water has been sparse. By March, soil can be beaten and bruised making it tricky to get hungry winter brassicas planted out. Learning how to keep soil in good nick is the main part of our gardening journey. It takes time! So don’t beat yourself up if it’s poorly right now. Instead, take a pause and ponder the things you’ll do differently next year. One day you’ll be planting into hearty Autumn soil, you’ll see.

To keep yourself heading in this noble direction, choose a new soil-improving thing to add to your gardening toolkit this autumn. Perhaps you want to grow your own mulch, or make your own liquid feed, or recycle your food scraps.

One is good. No need to do everything all at once.

Yours in the earth
❤️ Kath


  1. Shona Pirovano says

    Hi Kath, Do you have a show garden or working vege garden. I am in Foxton, and have just
    been allowed a garden space on my sons state house property. I have grown a few things, and eaten them, and now want to grow through the winter,
    Kind regards,