Reader Question: Broccoli Flowers

Questions are so good because it gets to the root of exactly what you need to know. Am sharing this one cause its so useful.

Hi Kath, I love getting your monthly newsletter and you have been an inspiration in my attempts to “grow my own veges”! But, oh, my broccoli heads are slowly beginning to flower – what is happening and are the small yellow flowers ok to eat on the heads? I planted these as small seedlings at end of March?

and my reply….
Tis normal for broccoli to flower. The warmer the weather the sooner it flowers. The more you pick the shoots the slower it is to flower. Yes you can eat the flowers, but I recommend leaving them for the beneficial insects – bees and parasitic wasps adore the nectar. You’ll be amazed at how sweet these humble flowers smell on a warm day. Try to plant a couple of new plants each fortnight from Feb through April. Then you’ll have a constant supply through till spring.


broccoli in flower