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The Edible Backyard book cover with author Kath Irivne kneeling down gathering produce from her garden in a big basket while admiring her onions

My next book “The Edible Backyard” is due to land 16 September – oh happy days! If you order through my website – pre-order your signed copy here, I’ll send you a special treat to say thanks for your support – a free video course “Fruit Trees 101” that’ll help you create a primo fruit tree set up.

spring kale

At the heart of this book, is my wish that every kiwi family can sit down to a feed of fresh picked, spray free greens every night of the year. As long as your setup is solid (I’ll take you there) – year round greens, a lemon and a couple of fruit trees can be yours in as little as a few hours a week. Find a few more hours or a helping hand and stretch out into other vegies too. There are sample garden plans in the book, to inspire you along.

I’ll take you step-by-step to your own beautiful, low work yet highly productive edible backyard.

Here’s a bit from the intro so you can feel the vibe

Asparagus, broccoli, peas, leeks harvested for dinner ediblebackyard

“The garden this book steers you towards is a low work, low input, yet highly productive one. Teaming up with web of life is the way. Nature hums with life. An unimaginable number of invisible critters above and below ground are busy as bees behind the scenes taking care of all the checks and balances needed to restore equanimity and bring best health. The more life, the stronger your garden and the less you need to do. When your garden sources most of what it needs from itself and is healthy and productive even when ignored, it gets the gold stamp of resilience.

We live on a see saw. Degraded soils, pest and disease sit on one seat and living soils, health and abundance on the other. Natures power of repair, and if I can be a bit woo, forgiveness, is extraordinary. No matter how degraded the landscape, life is so strong, that given the right prompts it will tilt the other way – a deeply satisfying and thrilling ride to take.

As the years go by and you and your garden settle in, you’ll watch it go through one phase after another as the see saw tips. As the seat of abundance gets closer to touch down, you’ll find yourself stepping into the wings. The scene is set, the players engaged – your job on the whole is done. Life has got it covered. This is where I put my trust. And my hope is, that after reading this, you will too.”