Plum Crazy, (are Pips the best?)

kereru goldPlums have taken over my kitchen, and, quite frankly my life.

The combination of having a bit of land to play on and being easily seduced by fruit trees means I now have loads more plums than our family can eat and usefully preserve. Because plums have a short shelf life (even plus the extra week or two thanks to the fridge) there’s no time to dally. After a chat with my most resourceful brother-in-law I’ll be freezing the rest – pips and all – to turn into delicious plum juice or any other plummy offerings at my leisure.

Those of you with tiny spaces rejoice! Though you feel thwarted and limited by your boundaries, perhaps they do you a favour. Two carefully chosen plums in the right spot and looked after well would have provided enough for us, I have to question my sanity in planting out 7. Really I should’ve known better. Those of you with land and fruit tree seduction issues – take heed.

If I were to go nuts with a fruit it would be the pips (and of course that’s just what I did – went nuts with the pips). Pipfruit are wonderfully efficient because they store in their natural state. Clean it, wrap it and still be eating it months later – bliss! Eminently more trainable than a stonefruit – they bend to various shapes against walls and over arches so that fitting into small spaces is a breeze.

Sarah Frater is coming here on April 11th to join me in our oh so useful guide to fruit growing – the Fabulous Fruit trees workshop. We could be bold and even call it definitive. Together we will conquer smart design, varieties to suit our bioregion and rootstocks to suit your place. There will be fruit to try and inspiration a plenty. If you are planning an orchard (x2 trees or x100) then I highly recommend coming along. We will pave the way for your success.