Perennial Leeks

perennial leeksPerennial Leeks are one of the most generous plants I know. Giving abundantly winter through early summer on a minimum of care. And when life gets overwhelming and care recedes, still they soldier on. Their little guys, with big hearts.

For sure annual leeks are bigger and fatter, but in a contest for volume produced, their smaller perennial cousins leave them for dead. And as for taste – you’d never tell the difference.

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How To Plant and Grow

Perennial leeks fit into any perennial spot – they’re as decorative as they are abundant. Plant them beneath fruit trees (or any deciduous trees), or in your flower/ herb patch.

Fully grown they’re about the thickness of your thumb. You can make them fatter if you’ve the time and inclination. Just weed, thin and feed regularly.

For longer white bits plant them deeply (about 10cm), and at 10cm spacings into lovely soil. In 3 months time you’ll have leeks for dinner. Take it easy on the harvest in the first year to let them build momentum.

perennial leeks floweringThe flowers come mid to late summer and for pure joy (and the bees) you should leave them. When the nectar’s gone and the flowers faded, trim them back, thin them out and feed with rotten manure.

Come April the cycle begins again. 8 months of leeks coming your way.


  1. Hi Kath,

    I’m a new gardener, trying to study up and learn as much as I can, as well as I can, to start providing food for our little family, and your website has been ah-mazing!! Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us all! You’ve definitely been an inspiration, especially to keep going the organic / permaculture way as much as possible. Just started a new compost pile this last weekend, and having such fun with it all. 🙂

    Anyway, mad ravings of enthusiasm aside…. 🙂 The leeks – are these the same type of thing as bunching welsh onions? I have some seeds for them on the way, and wondered if these are roughly the same thing, or actually different?

    Thanks again!

    • No not mad ravings at all!! Wholehearted is the thing 🙂

      So pleased to help out.

      Perennial leeks taste exactly like a leek – you know that hard to describe, unique leek taste!, and welsh bunching onions are same as spring onions.

      So similar but quite different.?!

      Happy Gardening, Kath